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Welcome to my home on the web. This site contains my updates on books and my blog. The latter is a mix of musings on writing, Twitter, and other people’s work I admire.

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Dealing with Rejection

If you’ve come here looking for advice on your latest romantic disaster I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place – this is about rejection in writing! While I have experienced rejection in both, the only useful perspective I have is in the latter. So you just got an email from your dream agent or Clarkesworld,…

Weighing the Value of Writing Short Fiction

Why write short fiction? Traditionally, the advice has been that you should write short fiction to get writing credits, which will open the doors for you to get a literary agent and write long-form fiction. I have certainly been given this advice, and I have heard it spoken from luminaries such as George R. R.…

Short Fiction Acceptance

So I got my first fiction acceptance. Now, granted it’s only a drabble (100 words exactly) and so on the pay per word it works out at less than the cup of coffee I likely bought while writing it, but it still is nice to hear someone wanted something I wrote! Keep the faith my…

Year In Review 2022

As we close out 2022 I thought I would write a short blog on my writing journey this year. Both achievements and set-backs. And while there certainly have been a few of the latter, I will say I am quite proud of all I have done, even if it has not yet produced the desired…

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