The Justice of Kings

One liner:

We follow Helena Sedanka, clerk to Sir Konrad Vonvalt, an Emperor’s Justice as he investigates a noblewoman’s murder and uncovers a political plot that goes much, much deeper.

The Pros:
  1. The magic is sparse, but very well done.
  2. Combining legal considerations, and investigation and fantasy is original and truly refreshing
  3. The world feels much bigger than this book and while this first volume is complete unto itself by the end you are already aching for book 2
The Cons:
  1. My main negative on this book is on the narrator Helena as she does flip-flop quite a bit in the second half of the book as to what to do with her life. Perhaps realistic for someone her age, but in real life I would have found it an annoying characteristic too.
  2. I would have liked more POVs – but that’s a personal preference – with one main narrator recalling earlier events I know Helena will survive which takes the edge out of a few scenes where she could have died but you know already she can’t
  3. I personally like dreary medieval settings, but if you are ‘over that’ as someone said on twitter, then this book may not be for you, as that is what it portrays.
Bottom Line:

I literally could not put the book down – I finished it in one intense weekend, and then wanted more. I think the legal/crime angle broadens the appeal beyond just traditional fantasy fans. If you haven’t read it, absolutely do yourself a favor and buy it now!

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