Writer’s Block: My Top Ten Remedies

I don’t claim to know it all as far as writing, or writer’s block, and I would love, if you have other ideas than below, if you share back via the comments. However, after over a hundred scientific articles, three novels, and a decent amount of flash fiction, I have suffered from my fair shareContinue reading “Writer’s Block: My Top Ten Remedies”

Making your first writer’s website: insight from the recently initiated

Having recently made my own writer’s webpage ( gideonpsmith.com ) and having learned a lot from doing so, I thought I would write a blog post about my experience in case it is helpful to anyone else. For anyone not wanting to read the whole blog, I made a helpful summary table at the end,Continue reading “Making your first writer’s website: insight from the recently initiated”

Perseids Meteor Shower Next Three Days

One of the things I love about science fiction is the ability to imagine other worlds and the possibilities in the immense universe in which we live. Growing up in rural Scotland, our long, dark, winter nights were the perfect canvas for my imagination. Staring at the stars there you could see the entire bandContinue reading “Perseids Meteor Shower Next Three Days”


I just registered. I’ve been to a lot of conferences – physics conferences, geology conferences, natural sciences conferences, student conferences, human rights conferences, medical conferences, and pharmaceutical conferences (amongst others). But this is my first SFF conference and I can honestly say I’ve never been quite as excited to go to any conference as IContinue reading “Chicon8!”