Getting the Most out of Books on Writing

I recently splurged on books, specifically books about the craft of writing. Excited by my new purchases, and already two chapters deep into one of them, and thoroughly enjoying it, I gushed to one of my writer friends. I was a little surprised to hear from them therefore that they too had read this self-sameContinue reading “Getting the Most out of Books on Writing”

Developing a Writing Habit: Experiment – Increasing My Writing Output

When I started learning violin I found that it was hard to establish a practice habit, and without that, it was hard to make progress in my playing. In order to overcome that I made it a ‘rule’ that I did not have to practice violin 30 minutes or 60 minutes or 2 hours, orContinue reading “Developing a Writing Habit: Experiment – Increasing My Writing Output”

Writer’s Block: My Top Ten Remedies

I don’t claim to know it all as far as writing, or writer’s block, and I would love, if you have other ideas than below, if you share back via the comments. However, after over a hundred scientific articles, three novels, and a decent amount of flash fiction, I have suffered from my fair shareContinue reading “Writer’s Block: My Top Ten Remedies”