Dream Agents, Editors, or Publishers

I think many of us would be lying if we did not say we had an idea of how we might want our writing career to go. I don’t just mean Hugo’s and Nebulas, though, why not? I mean down to what publisher you think matches you as your favorite author publishes with them, orContinue reading “Dream Agents, Editors, or Publishers”

Robert A. Heinlein’s 5 Rules of Writing

Back in December, I wrote a blog reviewing and giving my take on Vonnegut’s 8 rules of writing. Today, I thought I would cast a glance over Heinlein’s 5 rules and, as before, add a couple of my own thoughts on each. As a caveat, the distinction of the rules from Vonnegut is that Vonnegut’sContinue reading “Robert A. Heinlein’s 5 Rules of Writing”

Making your first writer’s website: insight from the recently initiated

Having recently made my own writer’s webpage ( gideonpsmith.com ) and having learned a lot from doing so, I thought I would write a blog post about my experience in case it is helpful to anyone else. For anyone not wanting to read the whole blog, I made a helpful summary table at the end,Continue reading “Making your first writer’s website: insight from the recently initiated”